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Back in the Saddle Again

I said I’m BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! (Just so you’d realize I was singing an Aerosmith song, not Hank Williams).

I have been neglectful. Today, however, I did much outlining and I know where two of my three in progress novels are going.

Also, I remembered that I could write ANYTHING and not have to work on the novel.

So, expect stuff every day this week.

Reminder: comment this with ideas you have for me or site-wide somethings to say.

Adventures in management

Well, thus far, other than someone commenting that the genius picture looks like someone else, there really hasn’t been any comments. So, no scheduled changes. Again: comment this article with any recommendations you have.

Last week I only wrote once, but I posted a few things. This week I don’t have real plans yet other than to continue to update with old writing and to continue Work on The Fallen and possibly Bloody Waters. I also have a couple essays that I need to write. They may not be essays, and maybe just rambling thoughts. Who knows.

The Final Countdown

No, I’m not listening to Europe.

I’m launching a web site! wooo!

Took me longer than I had hoped, by about a week. But there are some idiosyncrasies to WordPress that I still haven’t worked out, but the crucial ones are worked around. So we good.

Anyway, it’s live. I think I’ve got it all. If you find something that doesn’t work, or a page that looks significantly different from the others, or if you find a specific design flaw that needs fixing* comment on this or whatever blurb is at the top. My plan is to have an article that identifies the week’s changes or plans at all times. I’ll change it each Sunday, so it’s a good place to put comments about things that need fixing.

* = I’m not going to change the fundamental design. I’m not a designer, so I’m sure some of you with more aesthetic sensibilities might be offended. Thing is… I’m happy with it. So it’s staying. However, minor things I will consider correcting.