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The Nexus

The Nexus is a place where all things are possible, all things exist, and all things happen. It is a crossroads of reality. Some things arrive there from their öwn times and worlds-but many have come to be in The Nexus itself: they were made or born there — or spontaneously sprang into existence.

In the nexus super-technoiogy works alongside arcane magics, and some technology is powered by magic or works to influence magic. Fantastic creatures of legend interact with aliens of other planets. Supers live with normals, with unspeakable horrors lurking near. Feudal kings, militaristic empires, primitiue tribes, and modern democracies fight to maintain control of their realms. Gods dwell with men, and men ascend godhood. The shining architecture of multiple futures mixes with brick-and-mortar city tenements, thatch huts, Medieval castles, and crumbing stone forts.

Newcomers to The Nexus are generally overawed and frequently confused. Typically they find their place with people and things that meet their previous understanding of reality. A great number of them maintain a fear, or at least a prejudice, of places, people, or things “of other realities.” Natives of The Nexus never experience the disorientation or denial of newcomers, nor do they, typically, hold prejudices. Yet there is still a degree of segregation — groups coexist and even interact with those from “other worlds,” but non-homogenous groups are uncommon.

Through The Nexus one can reach any of the worlds, times, and realities represented within it — if one can find the portal and figure out how to use it. But whether it’s wealth, adventure, or knowledge, you don’t have to leave The Nexus to find it.