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Three Wishes

A man found himself walking through a dark wood. He was entirely unsure where he was or how he had gotten there.

As he looked about, he was interrupted by a deep voice. “And now, master, if you would be kind enough to make your third wish, so that I may be free.

The man jumped and turned to see a large man, seemingly half-formed of mist. He wore a turban and bore himself proudly.

“Third wish,” the man said haltingly. “I don’t understand?”

“That is because of your second wish,” the djinn explained. “I cannot explain more.”

The man stood thoughtfully for a moment, then looked at the djinn with confidence. “For my third wish,” he said, “I desire to be completely aware of why I am here and my role in the universe.”

The djinn began waving his arms and pronounced, “It is done!” He looked at the man with his head cocked. “I find it odd, though. That was your first wish as well.”