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Because of You

Because of you, every day I feel as if I walk on rose petals.
The dimmest stones are precious metals.
Because of you, I feel the moon shines only for me.
I can see the way to what I want to be.
Because of you, I can feel my heart pounding in my chest.
Wonderful dreams fill my mind’s rest.
Because of you, I’m always full of gratitude.
My belief in dreams is renewed.
Because of you, I have something to think about all day.
And I know that I can never lose my way.
Because of you, I want to do and be more than I am.
I’m strong a lion, but calm as a lamb.
Because of you, I can sleep at night.
When I worry, I know all will be right.
Because of you, I always see a rainbow.
What you can teach is all I need to know.
Because of you, I believe I can fly.
When I’m alone, comfort is always nigh.
Because of you, I feel blessed by my fairy godmother.
I know that I will never need another.
Because of you, I feel like I could hold the stars in my hand..
My mind’s eye can see every grain of sand.
Because of you, All the world seems bright.
And I am free from endless night because of you.