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The whole reason for writing Bloggo was to create a commuter-blog. That never panned out. May still want to add that, but for now, when I whine about work or getting there, it’ll go in this category.

Team Meeting, week of 20100726

This week was less doodly. It also appears more like there were actual issues concerning me. I took notes! The crossed out items are tasks I completed before I scanned this.

Someone had left something about the F9 key on a keyboard written on a whiteboard in the room. Instead of drawing, for the most part, I did some free association. Enjoy.

Clever girl...

Team Meeting, week of 20100719

Look, I don’t have fun at work. Team meetings are a particular waste of time. They are, minimum, an hour long, and usually only about 10 minutes has anything to do with me.

Thing is, that’s how it is for EVERYONE in the meeting.

So instead of just being bored, I doodle (yet remain bored). Here’s one:

behold their glory

for this one, I tried to be professional. I printed out the appointment agenda from Outlook and brought it to the meeting. At first my doodles were limited to decorating the page (see the scribble and some boxlike images. I actually took some notes on the things about me. This eventually grew to reacting to the page I was writing on and a couple of reactions to things said in the meeting. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long.

And well, eventually, anything that popped into my head started showing up. Like the hoagie with a face. More or less, I’m just gonna leave it like this, I think.

Post in the comments whether I should annotate these notes.

Whence Cometh the Mouser

Ok, so I didn’t really meet him. But today, while I walked into work, i saw this guy who was the spitting image of Baxter Stockman as he appeared in the first early issues of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book. (more…)