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Here are some rough “pitches” for the novels I have in mind to write — possibly for next month’s NaNoWriMo.

These are not intented to be true sales pitches for an agent or an editor. They’d be horrible at that. However, I have tried for that flavor, in order to prevent too many spoilers.

I do have more ideas than this. However, all ten of these ideas have rough plot outlines so I know where they go and how they get there.

Read them, and then vote in the poll (sidebar below the tag cloud) to let me know which one I should work on first!

The Heir of Ungrith
A princess is married to the cursed king of a neighboring land because her parents expect him to die soon and they hope to annex his lands. They didn’t expect her to fall in love and fight for him.
When Aldess married the Cursed King of Venklatag she expected the short time he had left to live to be unpleasant but endurable. She didn’t expect him to treat her with love and respect. She knew that her parents were scheming an manipulative, but she didn’t expect them to attack her husband. Now, amid assassination attempts and dark magic she is offered a chance to break the Faerie King’s curse, bring life back to Venklatag at the cost of her soul.
(this has been written once, but is in desperate need of a major rewrite)

A contract firm that tests and advises about security (and performs the occasional assassination) is hired to recover a magical artifact and uncovers a plot to destroy the realm.
Vrath (a former gladiator), Frost (a sorcerer and a scoundrel), Dink (a mechanical man), and Linella (part cat, part girl, all sneaky) fail their rookie mission for S.N.E.A.K.S., but manage to prove their potential, and rise to become the most effective team in the company. As they do, they begin to put together clues involving a deadly cult, a terrible plague, usurpation of the throne, and the death of their employers.

Orkbusters, Inc
Hired for a simple smash and grab, Herb and his team of experts slip into information that pits them against a necromancer with delusions of destiny.
Herb doesn’t like helping people – it’s an activity that inherently complicates things and shoulders him with the heaviest burden – responsibility. Thus it’s more than a little irritating when a job – a successful job with few hitches, even – forces him to vie with an evil sorcerer for the role to fulfill a prophecy he doesn’t even believe in. But when the alternative is the end of the world as he knows it, what choice does he have?

Bloody Waters
Captain Isadora took Smee into her care, and onto her pirate ship, knowing more of his dark secret than he did. Now that the death cult has found him, dark secrets come out in the open or the whole crew dies.
The pirates who crew Isadora’s ship give their loyalty because she’s the best – they enjoy freedom and booty without fear. THat loyalty is tested when they accidentally revive a cult bent on using First Mate Smee to awaken a dark god. On the run from magic that controls the wind and sea, Isadora, Smee, and their closest friends try to hold the crew together, find answers, and discover a way to remove the cult’s interest in Smee.

The Fallen
An angel shut out of heaven, a dryad with wanderlust, a heretic samurai, and an excommunicated priest journey together to find the secret of the angel’s past, perhaps finding redemption for themselves along to the way.
Shia al’Matar once held a position of glory in the heavenly courts of … some god or other. His identity is among the many things she can’t remember when she wakes alone in a dark forest, and the companions she finds seem as eager to help her as they are helpless to do so. Sinister clues hinting at a diabolical pact start appearing, and the only path that lies before her grows increasingly dangerous. Yet the pain of her past and the peril ahead seem the only choices to avoid they damnation and death they seem to promise.

The Dark Blade
An ignorant and blundering farm boy is selected by an unknown deity to be his representative. But after being banished and then trained as a knight, his encounter with divinity seems imagination, until he returns home and the mission is unavoidable.
No one ever thought Peks was born to destiny, least of all Peks. The messenger from a god told him different, but Peks isn’t even sure he didn’t imagine that, especially when he is banished. Even when picked to squire for the Imperial Knights his incompetence seemed to give lie to that promise. But when he flees to escape murder charges and finds himself in his childhood home, he is compelled to answer mysteries he didn’t even know of. And the resolutions to those mysteries, wrapped up in the history of the village and his own family, force a confrontation with his anonymous god.

Star Destined
Denied his birthright, a warrior goes into self-imposed exile, finding a new life with a foreign emperor. When his former countrymen threaten war, he seems to be the only one who can negotiate peace — if he’s not killed first.
The son of the greatest warrior and defender of their people ever, it was expected that Hans would take up the legendary Axe of Stars and lead the people to even greater heights. Treachery from his uncle changes that path, however, and Hans left his home to seek a new life. He found that life and fulfillment fighting for the Emperor in the Imperial Knights. Peace does’t last however. Hans’s uncle forms a confederation and began raiding the empire — planning outright invasion. The emperor sends Hans to face the destiny he thought he escaped — challenge his uncle for the throne and change his peoples history forever.

The Grey Knight
Left for dead, he struggled for survival, eventually rising to great heights. His brother retuns, however, to finish the job that was decreed by his religious master — punish and kill the heretic.
He woke up one day with no recollection of why he was there or where he came from, only a firm conviction of chivalry. He pledges himself to the only man he sees who upholds those ideals, and is dubbed The Grey Knight. The Grey Knight does have a past however, and even without a memory of it, he could not escape it. When his brother and sister come with seductive words and violent promises, The Grey Knights doubts himself. Can he become the honorable man he thought he was? And can he do it without dying at the hands of his siblings?

The zombie apocalypse ravaged the world like a horrible disease. But in their struggles to survive, two individuals learn the frightening reality of what the plague really is, and may be the only two capable of saving the world.
Shanna and Joel make an odd couple, but the zombie apocalypse forces some strange bedfellows. Shanna’s survival skills and and Joel’s technical expertise help them survive and prosper, until the remnants of the U.S. Army come to call. Narrowly escaping imprisonment, torture, and death (all while avoiding infection), they inadvertantly learn the true source of the end of the world, finding a narrow chance to make sure it isn’t the end after all. If only they can survive the two greatest forces on earth bent on their elimination.

Jack and Diane
Opposites in every way, two teenagers are given amazing abilities — and all the dangers and problems that come with them. A secret plot and the expectations of responsibility threaten to take their freedom, if not their lives.
Jaq and Diane hate each other. So it’s all the more frustrating when they gain super powers but can only use them if they stay near each other. Their shouting and fights are matched only by the violence and manipulation that besets them from every side. From their self-appointed arch-nemesis to an evil super villainess, and even the much lauded Commander Paragon, everyone has an idea of what the mismatched teens should do, whether they like it or not. Tired, miserable, and hurt, they hatch a daring plan to earn their freedom and possibly do some good in the process.