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Iran Amok

Bad puns aside, there’s two ways to tackle this subject. I’ma try both.

Does Iran think the rest of the world are idiots? “Yeah, we got a higher voter turn out than anyone has ever. And they all voted for the guy who’s been oppressing them! And you know it’s legitimate because our council beholden to the oppressive leader and the religious dictator not interested in reform both say it is! Never mind that we say we counted 42 million hand written votes in under three hours.”

That’s even ignoring details about the 25% of the votes missing id numbers, and voter turnout of over 100% in several territories. It’s like the Simpsons episode where Lisa finally gets mad because Sideshow Bob’s people had their deceased cat vote for him.

How can we say this is not proof? It’s not just evidence. Most of what happened in that election was impossible.

Of course, we’re making it easy for them to get away with it. “We obviously hope that the outcome reflects the genuine will and desire of the Iranian people,” says our very decisive Secretary of State on behalf of our beloved president.

What she should be doing is saying “Stop it you lying sacks of crap. We know you’re lying, and you’re bad at it.” Iran is assuming we have the intelligence of slugs, and we’re letting them.

Even if you think we shouldn’t make accusations of election fraud, (though how anyone can think there isn’t fraud mystifies me), we need to come down very clearly on what are known wrongs. We need to force them to answer why they won’t allow media coverage, why they won’t let their people speak with the outside world, and why armored men are beating helpless civilians to death. None of it makes any sense, and by standing by, our government is enabling. There’s no excuse for this. We’re very happy to tell them to stop making clean running power stations because we think they might be using the byproduct for more nefarious purposes (oh yes, I’m sure they are, but we hardly have any proof of it). But when we can see them doing something clearly abusive of human rights, we just sit on our hands.

I encourage everyone to do what they can to help the people of Iran be heard. If you have twitter, do the green avatar thing; set your location as Tehran and your time zone as GMT +3.30. If you have a facebook or blog account, say something about it. If you have a computer under enough control, use these instructions to set up a proxy for Iranian bloggers and tweeters. This is the ONLY media coverage we’re getting of what’s going inside, and our own media, usually more than happy to take a side when it comes to abortion, global warming, or same-sex marriage, it’s nancing around trying to say that the coverage we have isn’t legitimate (a fourth hand vetted news story is apparently better news than a first hand account now). The Iranian is punishing these correspondents, and we can actively protect some of them by doing these things.

And if you’re the praying type, PRAY for them. I don’t care if you pray to YHWH, Buddha, the Goddess, Allah, Jesus, spirits, ancestors, or the stain in your bathroom sink. If you believe there is an omnipotent being out there watching over at least some of us, pray to that being that he or she will protect the people fighting to have the rights every human being deserves. Pray that those people will be able to determine their own destiny.