I Am a Genius: listen to my words

I Have the Conch

listen to my words

Things I remember my kids saying

“I’m so cute.”
Maire, age 2, has no problem with self image, apparently. She’s right, she’s about the cutest thing ever. But she’s not supposed to SAY it.

“Jesus is a mammal.”
Rachael made this conclusion at age 3 when we were talking about whether people are animals. She puts 2 and 2 together. Which leads to:

Not a major revelation, unless you’re 5 and haven’t been taught addition yet. Rachael figured it out because Sarah was away with Grandma and Mom was away for the day. Which meant two were gone, and there were four of us at home.

“The dark has stars in it.”
Maire made this observation when she was looking out the window at the night. It is perhaps the most poetic and hopeful of observations to come out of my family.

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