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Whence Cometh the Mouser

Ok, so I didn’t really meet him. But today, while I walked into work, i saw this guy who was the spitting image of Baxter Stockman as he appeared in the first early issues of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book.

It was… strange, to say the least.

Normally I’d pass this off as just a weird thing and drop it. After all, I did see Elvis once and no one cared. (Not the real Elvis, an impersonator in a Cadillac.) But I thought about it for a minute.

Why Baxter Stockman, inventor of the mouser?

I’ve never met or seen anyone who looked like Clark Kent or Peter Parker or any of the hundreds of other characters from the comics who have reasonably realistic features, and they looked like people I thought I’d know. Heck, even the actors who’ve played those characters don’t look terribly much like their comic book counterparts. But here was a guy who, without makeup, could play Baxter just by walking in. Too bad that film won’t ever be made.

I have no idea what the importance of this sighting is. I just needed to justify my fascination. It’s a genuinely weird moment for me.

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